The LBJ Triple-Threat (NL3 vs Archive vs “23”)

Lebron is about 7–8 weeks away from turning 37. The fact that he has been able to play at such a high level is incredible & I find myself watching his career highlights on Youtube in awe. I am grateful to have witnessed such a talent & he may arguably have the best narrative in all of sports considering the tribulations he went through during his career.

Lebron has some really cool moments on TS especially with his S1 moments which are some of the most supreme moments you can ever own on Top Shot. What caught my eye was how the NL3 moment was going for more than the Archive & Playoff “Last of 23” moment. I find it pretty shocking how the NL3 moment (LA-$195), is going for more than his Archive (LA-$170) & Playoff “Last of 23” moment (LA-$95). As a basketball fan, it puzzles me as there is a high level of significance with the Archive & Playoff moments. Lets break it down in order from least to most valuable moment!

3. NL3

  • Lebron is standing in the corner & receives a pass from Marcus Morris. He is left wide-open for the 3 & decides to shoot it with style! The reaction on the bench is amazing & genuinely awesome as everybody stands up to celebrate with the King!

I could see why a lot of people love this moment & it’s definitely on my MomentRanks watchlist. But Lebron hits this 3 pointer in a meaningless game against the Rockets who had one of the worst seasons in NBA history (17–55). I could partially understand if it was against one of his former teams, was splashed on a superstar’s face, or was a career game in terms of stats. But it wasn’t as he finished with (26, 8, 5). Even though this may win in the “fun” category, I don’t think it retains the significance that the Archive & Playoff moment contain.

2. Playoff “Last of 23”

  • Lebron gets the ball on the fastbreak. He passes it to Alex Caruso who gives a backboard pass to Lebron, finishing it off with a sweet off-glass alley oop slam. On the slow-cam, Lebron rocks forward & back on the rim, dropping down with a star pose in the air to cap off the crazy play!

It’s kind of staggering to think that this is his only playoff moment is Series 2. But I think it enhances the moment’s value even more given aside that its his last moment on TS wearing #23. Plus with the slow-mo cam & his sick flex in the air. He wore #23 through 2003–2010 & 2014–2021. To support, his career with the Cavs & his championship with the Lakers will always resemble with #23. In addition, its an Alex Caruso assist from the “fan favorite MVP.”

This goes unnoticed, but Lebron had very strong opinions on his jersey switch from 23 to 6 back in 2010 that might be worth reading. If interested, you can check out his statements here.

  1. Archive Moment
  • In a OT game against Charlotte, Lebron sizes up his defender with a crossover to the left. He then takes a off-the dribble jumpshot, fading left. He sinks the game-winner in with less than 2 seconds, setting a milestone for his 1st ever game-winner in the NBA!

Seeing a young Lebron James in a headband is iconic. Many fans don’t realize how rare it is to see a game-winner from your favorite players throughout their careers. Lebron has had 19 game-winners in his career & he is in his 19th season! That is 3rd on the NBA all-time list in game winners behind Kobe (2nd with 25) & MJ (1st with 26). {Link here}

The fact that this is his 2nd-game winner on NBA TS & his 1st game-winner on the Cavs makes it so historical. In addition he finished with a triple-double (37,11,12). The fact that they didn’t make this moment a rare RIB is a head-scratcher considering that Lebron has plenty of dunk moments on TS. At it’s current price tag, I believe it is an absolute steal of a moment for any NBA TS collector.

(Not Financial Advice) (All subjective takes)
(Prices accounted for on 11/2/2021)
(Compressed GIFs used)




Top 3% NBA Top Shot collector. Posting weekly in regards to insights on certain moments & tips for new collectors!

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Ryan Rosales

Ryan Rosales

Top 3% NBA Top Shot collector. Posting weekly in regards to insights on certain moments & tips for new collectors!

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